IW’s Original Chocolate :) 


IW’s Original Chocolate :) 

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Sense and Sensibility (1995)

"Excuse me," said she, "and be assured that I meant no offence to you, by speaking, in so quiet a way, of my own feelings. Believe them to be stronger than I have declared;"

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This weekend’s outfit to meet the lovely Cming

That’s it for a while - no energy for photos in extreme hot weather

That’s my back-log of Lolita snap shots for a while, I think WQ was the only thing taken this year so far. We’re in the summer season at the moment (34-45 degrees celcius) and the climate really does take it out of me. Apologies for the sudden flow of pics when I’m sure talk of Crystal Dream Carnival is all the rage at the moment (she’s a beaute ;)  )

Any way, thanks for following, and thank you also for posting coords to inspire from ^_^

My Coord on Valentine’s Day 2014: Wonder Queen

Headbow, JSK & socks: Angelic Pretty - Wonder Queen in green

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates

Shoes: John Fluevog

Bow tie: Innocent World

Trying to work out if Grazia Crown worked with lighter colours and the braided hair-do (from mid 2013). I might go either darker or lighter depending on the colour of the blouse because I think plum makes me a shrinking violet. Surprisingly I’m not a fan of its matching socks. That’s the problem with incomplete ‘Dream Dresses’, you got to use your creativity to mix n match, I’m sure an experienced Lolita of several years will happily rise to the challenge. Personally trying to break away from the generic brand coords, its going to be a hard habit to beat.

JSK & socks: Innocent World - Grazia Crown in navy

Blouse: Meta

Ankle boots: ebay offbrand

Hair flowers: Taobao - Surface Spell

Wanted to try the darker option for this Musee du Chocolat coord. Can you tell I’m in love with it much? What did I learn from this experience? True love is worth the chase. And dark hair don’t sit well on dark blouses.

JSK, Headdress & socks : Angelic Pretty - Musee Du Chocolat 

Blouse: Innocent World

Shoes: Bodyline